The following aspects need to be considered when generally equal beds


       Double-sided milling machines are widely used in large-scale machining equipment and heavy machinery industries. The end milling machine has the advantages of strong structure, good rigidity, superior flexibility, end plane and groove milling of large and super large workpieces, end surface processing of large workpieces and steel components, large steel castings and iron castings.

  The double-sided milling machine is installed on the main shaft of the machine tool to drive the milling cutter to rotate. Therefore, the operator should check whether the machine is running well and whether the prepared instruments and tools are in good condition when using it. It is an indispensable step to check the safety screws and pins of the machine tool before starting the machine. The staff must ensure that they are tightly fixed on the machine. In addition, check the oil level of each part and whether there is enough oil in each oil standard. If not, remember to fill it up. Operators should maintain good operating habits. For example, the rotating part of the machine cannot store tools, measuring tools or other supplies during operation, wear well-fitting work clothes, and tie the cuffs tightly. For women, short hair is required to avoid Block the line of sight during operation.

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We should also choose products of good quality when we buy, in order to give full play to its effects. Next, analyze how to choose.

   1. Choose according to the processed parts. Avoid blindness when choosing a universal milling head. It should be selected according to the typical parts that need to be processed, so that the flexibility and adaptability of the product can be fully utilized under specific conditions to achieve good working results.

   2. Choose according to double-sided milling machine. When purchasing, if you only consider the large number of coordinate axes around the CNC machine tool, the large table surface, high machining accuracy, and complete functions, the corresponding system will be more complicated, and the reliability will be reduced, and you will have to bear a higher burden. The purchase cost and maintenance cost of the product will increase the cost invisibly. If you want to truly achieve optimal use, you should choose according to product specifications, dimensions and accuracy.

   3. Improve follow-up work. The instruction manual should be kept during the purchase, and the supporting technical data, maintenance methods and computer software should be carefully checked and kept. In this way, even if problems are encountered in the later use, they can be solved in a timely and effective manner.

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