How to clean and maintain CNC duplex milling machine?


What problems should you pay attention to when cleaning and maintaining CNC duplex milling machine? This is a question be be asked by many people, and I will summarize and share it with us:


The machine has been used for a long time, and there are many dust and metal debris that cannot be blown off even the air gun is blown. At this time, it should be wiped clean.

1.Wipe all parts of sheet metal; 2. Wipe the sliding surface and the rail surface, wipe the work table and the positioning baffle, the cutter head, the measuring rod, the hydraulic rod, the gantry, etc.; 3. Wipe the dead angle of each part.


1. The oil passages of each oil hole are clean and unfilled and filled with lubricating oil; 2. Each rail surface and sliding surface and each screw rod are filled with lubricating oil; 3. Check the oil tank body and oil surface of the transmission mechanism and refuel to the elevation position.


1. Check and tighten the screws on the base, saddle and slide parts, and check the level; 2. Check and tighten the motor fixing screws 3. Check the other loose screws.


1. Check and adjust the belt, pressure plate and inserts to be tight; 2. Check and adjust the slider and screw joint. 3. Adjust the level of CNC duplex milling machine

1. Remove all parts of the rust, protect the painted surface, and do not collide; 2. Other parts exposed to rust outside are oiled and preserved.

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